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Piano lessons for all ages, individuals or group, young or old, beginner or life-long learner; join the Fun-Key Revolution and make music fun again!

Providing  Learning & Fun At All Ages


A variety of lessons created to suit you and your needs.

Private Lessons

These are the traditional one-on-one format for piano lessons. Lessons are given in 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. Private lessons are for the student who wants to explore music in-depth and are able to commit a measurable amount of time to practice every week.

Small Group (30 min)

Group Piano for Kids
Piano lessons for early childhood development

Lessons are given to small groups of children (2-3) and touch on basic fundamentals of piano and music learning. These lessons are designed for basic beginners who may not have the means or time to practice, but would like an introduction to the instrument.

Adult Group Lessons

Adult piano lessons in a group setting
Adult Group Lessons available! Hurry! Space is limited

Held at the Rockley Music Education Center in Lakewood

The Basics

A course designed for adults with no musical background. Learn your way around the keyboard; start some basic music theory, and learn to read a few songs.

Accelerated Basics

For the student who has had some musical background but no piano experience. We will work on fine tuning your piano skills. If you’ve played another instrument before, this is the class for you!

Piano Pop!

Learn some of your favorite songs growing up!

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Piano Lessons for All Ages