Let’s Play!

A recent Christmas tradition in my house is to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” with the wonderful Jimmy Stewart. At one point of the film, his daughter is practicing “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” for their Christmas party. I commented on her fabulous technique and joked about what a stellar student she probably was!

A few weeks later, I then came across a photo of Mr. Stewart himself  playing the piano!

Jimmy Stewart

This led to a conversation with my husband about how pianos used to be part of the family household. A piece of furniture that you could simply not live without.  We both grew up with one in our house, and that led to piano  lessons as kids and a gift we hold for the rest of our lives…the gift of music!  We now have our own piano in our house to play and teach off of, and could not be happier with the newest member of the family!



Having this gift of music is like having a little pal around that you can put in your pocket and take out when the time arises. It reminds me of a time we were dining and visiting with our potter friend Theo. You can find his fabulous work here. He had a wonderful piano in his studio and my husband and I took turns at the piano playing and we all took part in singing songs.

This experience took me back to an era long ago, back before we were all constantly plugged in, with a screen or two in front of our face. The joy of sharing one the most beautiful human experiences we can have…sharing in making music!

If you are a seasoned musician, or a new student just learning, go out and enjoying playing your instrument.


Don’t take for granted the key word in all of this. PLAY!


Let’s PLAY!